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MD : Medical Data : medicinska revija = medical review / glavni i odgovorni urednik Dušan Lalošević. - Vol. 1, no. 1 (2009)- . - Zemun : Udruženje za kulturu povezivanja Most Art Jugoslavija ; Novi Sad : Pasterovo društvo, 2009- (Beograd : Scripta Internacional). - 30 cm

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ISSN 1821-1585 = MD. Medical Data
COBISS.SR-ID 158558988

SPIGELIAN HERNIA – Prikaz slučaja



Scepanovic Milan1, Milicevic Goran1, Rusovic Sinisa2, Mihajlovic Miodrag2, Marinkovic Vlastimir2, Kostic Dejan2
1 Unilabs Røntgen Hamar, Norway
2 Institute of radiology, Military Medical Academy, Serbia


• The paper was received on 01.03.2016. Revised on 03.03. 2016. Accepted on 09.03.2016.





Spigelian Hernia occurs through defect in aponeurosis of internal oblique and transverse abdominal muscles (Spigelian fascia), along lateral border of rectus abdominis muscles, inferior/lateral to umbilicus. Occurs at the level or below arcuate line due to lack of posterior rectus sheath at this level. Defect size is small (usually < 2 cm in size) resulting in narrow hernia neck and high risk of strangulation. Most often contains portions of greater omentum, small bowel, or colon. May be congenital or acquired. Spigelian Hernia is rare and account for ~1% of ventral hernias. The incidence is thought to peak at around the 4th to 7th decades. The diagnosis of a Spigelian hernia at times presents is greater challenge than its treatment. Ultrasound can be recommended for verification of the diagnosis in both palpable and nonpalpable Spigelian hernia. The hernial orifice and sac can be well demonstrated by computed tomography, which gives more detailed information on the contents of the sac than does ultrasonic scanning.



Key words

Abdominal, Spigelian hernia, ultrasound, CT scan





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PDF Scepanovic M. et al. • MD-Medical Data 2016;8(1)

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