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Народна библиотека Србије, Београд
MD : Medical Data : medicinska revija = medical review / glavni i odgovorni urednik Dušan Lalošević. - Vol. 1, no. 1 (2009)- . - Zemun : Udruženje za kulturu povezivanja Most Art Jugoslavija ; Novi Sad : Pasterovo društvo, 2009- (Beograd : Scripta Internacional). - 30 cm

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ISSN 1821-1585 = MD. Medical Data
COBISS.SR-ID 158558988




Julia Radenkova-Saeva1, Anelia Loukova1, Christo Tsekov2
1 Toxicology Clinic, Emergency University Hospital "N.I.Pirogov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Division of Surgery


• The paper was received on 01.02.2016. / Accepted on 10.02.2016.





Objective: To present the results of an assessment of the demographics, psychological characteristics and substances involved of persons with acute exogenous poisoning admitted to our toxicological department for 1 year period. Methods: The study includes 257 patients with acute exogenous intoxication, hospitalized in the Toxicology Clinic, Department for adults, Emergency University Hospital “N.I.Pirogov”, Sofia, Bulgaria for the period 01.01.2013 – 31.12.2013. Demographic information and clinical variables such as gender, age, occupation, alcohol co-ingestion, living with a family member, numbers of previous suicide attempts, and underlying psychotic disorders were evaluated. Each patient was assessed by a consultant psychiatrist performing a psychiatric interview leading to a diagnosis according to DSM-IV-TR criteria. Results: 257 patients between the ages of 18 and 90 with acute exogenous poisoning have been observed. 86 (33.46%) were male and 171 (66.54%) female. 186 cases (72.37%) were intentional - a result of a suicide attempt, 71 (27.63 %) were due to an accident. Medicines were the leading cause of self-poisoning. A psychiatric history was known in 104 (55.91%) of suicide attempters, as depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia. Alcohol dependence was registered in 38 subjects (14.79%); alcohol withdrawal delirium in 4 (1.55 ​​%); other substance - related disorder in 15 (5.84%); personality disorders in 2 (0.78%); cognitive disorders in 12 (4.67 %). Conclusion: There is a significant quantity of persons with attempted suicides by self-poisoning and mental disease. Patients should be offered interventions according to their specific problems.



Key words

acute exogenous poisoning, suicide attempt, self-poisoning, psychiatric disorders





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