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Marjan Marjanović, Djordje Pejanović, Marko Petrović, Kristijan Gerga
Institute for oral surgery, Clinic for Stomatology, Faculty of Stomatology Pančevo, University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Pančevo, Vojvodina, Serbia


• The paper was received on 01.07.2016. /Accepted on 07.07. 2016.


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Prof. dr Marjan Marjanović
Tel: 069 308 66 48 ,
011 308 66 48




Introduction: Lipomas belong to the group of common benign tumors in humans. However, they are a relatively rare occurrence in the oral cavity. Oral lipomas are most commonly found on the buccal mucosal membrane, tongue, floor of the mouth or the lips. Oral lipomas are slow-growing tumor enlargements with soft consistency, rich histological sub-types of which some may have malignant epithets Case report: This paper discusses a case of the lipoma of the floor of the mouth linked with speech and mastication difficulties in a female in her forties. The tumor was completely removed and sent for histopathology analysis confirming that the lesion belongs to the group of simple lipomas. Conclusion: Clear boundaries of the mouth floor swelling must not relativize potential severity of disease. This tumor must be removed in its entirety and sent to histopathological examination in order to determine a final diagnosis and future therapy.



Key words

lipomas, oral cavity, oral lipoma, floor of the mouth, excision, histopathological analysis





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UDK: 616.31-006.03
COBISS.SR-ID 226169100

PDF Marjanović M. et al • MD-Medical Data 2016;8(3): 203-205

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