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Milan Knezevic1, Gordana Andjelic2, Slobodan Loncarevic3 and Milena Knezevic4
1 Faculty of Medicine and Public Health Sciences ULPGC, Hospital Universitario Insular, Las Palmas, Spain,
2 Instiitute for Medical Research, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia,
3 Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia,
4 Milena Knezevic BS, Faculty of Medicine and Public Health Sciences ULPGC, Las Palmas Spain


• The paper was received on 01.03.2016. Accepted 09.03.2016.





Benign symmetric lipomatosis (BSL), or Madelung's disease is a rare of local fat distribution and it is rarely reported in the literature. The Madelung disease is presented as a symmetrical deposition of adipose tissue over the head, neck, upper part of the trunk, and proximal part of the upper extremities.The lower part of the body , the trunk and the legs are rarely afected almost not seen. It predominantly affects men between the ages of 30 and 60 years,  with a history of alcohol abuse. The disorder can also be associated with hyperlipoproteinemia, hyperuricemia, diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism. The only effective treatment is surgical removal. A case of bilateral symmetric lipomatosis type I is described, affecting the upper neck region, bilaterally.



Key words

Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis, Morbus Madelung, Surgery





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PDF Knezevic M. et al. • MD-Medical Data 2016;8(1)

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