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Jelena Zvekić-Svorcan1,2, Nataša Igić2
1 Specijalna bolnica za reumatske bolesti Novi Sad, Srbija
2 Katedra za medicinsku  rehabilitaciju, Medicinski fakultet Novi Sad, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Srbija.


• The paper was received on 11.11.2015. / Accepted on 22.11.2015.




The human arm is the paramount of evolutionary development among living beings. One of main human properties is the opposing thumb, enabling precise and strong grip. The thumb is of key importance for hand function in everyday activities. It has three joints: interphalangeal, metacarpophalangeal and trapeziometacarpal or carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. The oposition/reposition movement is characteristic for humans only due to the CMC joint, unique saddle-shaped joint enabling three-plane movements. This considerably improves its mobility, but also is a source of constant load which often leads to osteoarthritic changes. There are several thumb-using hand grips. Some are precision grips, including pincer, tripod, pinch and key grips. Others are power grips, including oblique palmar grip, ball grip, span grip and cylinder grip.






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PDF Zvekić-Svorcan J. and Igić N • MD-Medical Data 2015;7(4): 307-310

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